Long Slot Toaster

Let’s face it: we just could not get along without owning a toaster. They are used so much in our society and considering the small amount of space that they take up they are well worth their weight. So if you are one of the crowd that rely so heavily on this particular appliance, then maybe you should consider a long slot toaster. It is the evolution of the basic model. slot online

These advanced versions have been around for some time, but given the fact that a toaster just isn’t very news worthy, they have not received very much coverage in the media. But if you think long and hard about how much you really use one you will see that they really are a great idea and deserve to have their own exposure.

The main purpose behind one of these types is very simple: no more stuck bread. Don’t let the name fool you: it is still perfect for two slices at once. But we have all been there before with trying to pry out our breakfast, turning the little devil upside down and shaking it’s little wiring brains out until it releases the slice. Then we have toast that looks like to went through a shredder, not to mention bread dandruff all over the counter. Not very appealing, and not the best way to start your morning.

These ingenious devices give extra room for not only bread, but also bagels and other pastries. There is even ample room to insert a plastic or wooden utensil in, if it is really necessary, without lighting up like the Vegas strip. Most of the nicer models have an extended pop up arm that will virtually eliminate having something too low to remove easily. They pretty much all have crumb trays, and some have settings that allow you to defrost and toast at the same time. You can even purchase ones that have an LCD display, which monitors the setting you’ve chosen and the level of darkness you desire

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